Dry eyes symptoms – Health Tips Our Eyes is an essential Organ in our body. So many diseases are affecting our eyes, and some have dry eyes problems as the tears evaporate soon. Generally, it happens at old age but nowadays due to many reasons it affects people of all age group. In this video, we are going to see how to cure this kind of eye problems. Mainly women are affected by this problem due to hormonal changes and reducing level of estrogen.

Today’s world is computerized, and generally, we blink 30 times a minute. But we flicker decidedly less when we sit in front of computers. This is also a reason for this problem at an early age. People who use contact lens for eye problem is also affected by this problem. We spend more time in front of a digital screen like laptops, smartphones, etc. When we use smartphones our eyes get affected directly. Water in our eyes gets evaporated soon if we spend more time on digital screen and makes the eye dry.

Not only that Vitamin A deficiency can also cause dry eyes. Dry eyes should be cured naturally, and tears will be less for people who have dry eyes. Some People will use eye drops if there is an eye problem, but there is a natural method to trigger your tear gland. Grate pumpkin and apply the juice to your eyes and wash it after 10 minutes to cure this problem. Give some relaxation to your eyes to avoid tiredness, irritation, and dryness. Place slices of potato or cucumber on your eyes and wash it after some time. It removes the dryness and keeps your eyes fresh.

We should take omega-3 and amino acid rich foods like Fish, Egg, Carrot, Nuts, etc. If improves the oil secretion and water secretion in our eyes. It prevents eye irritation. If we take flax seeds, it prevents dryness in eyes and bloating stomach. As our body requires exercise our eyes also need exercise and that time rotates your eyes, Blink, close your eyes, and by doing this, you can prevent eye dryness.

If you have eye irritation use rose water. It cleanses and hydrates your eyes. Especially we can prevent eye dryness when we drink more water.

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