Quality of Life


The Northland is a vibrant, diverse, involved collection of communities that works to provide affordable housing in safe communities that attracts engaged and informed citizens.  It is a growing region that strives to provide quality indoor and outdoor recreation, arts, theatre, faith-based activities, retail venues and other attractions that make it a destination for tourists and residents alike.  The values of the Northland region and its acceptance of and service to all, ensure a stable community.

Goal 1
Create a diverse living and working environment that fosters quality jobs, mixed use zoning, preserved green space, public transportation and maximizes existing development with a livable walk-able focus

Goal 2
Establish effective means of communicating with Northland residents and marketing services, events and news to the Greater Kansas City Community and visitors

Goal 3
Offer a variety of compelling recreational and cultural activities for all ages

Goal 4
Sustain and provide exceptional services that meet human needs

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