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The Vision North 2010-2015
Final Report
Executive Summary
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Vision North 2010-2015
Executive Summary

Vision North 2010-2015
Full Report


Vision North 2010-2015 Vision Statement

The Northland is a bi-county region that addresses the diverse interests of its individual citizens while collaborating to create a livable, workable community that is desirable for people of all ages and in all stages of life.


The Northland is an integrated health community that ensures quality, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health services at all stages of life focusing on prevention and wellness.


Northland educational organizations actively collaborate with our communities to provide high quality, lifelong learning opportunities.  Through our partnerships, we maximize resources to produce highly skilled, productive, socially engaged individuals who in turn strengthen our community.


Northland communities, through the united voice, support the improvement and maintenance of regional/infrastructure networks.  This unified voice focuses on funding and implementation of short and long term initiative for managed sustainable growth.


The Northland is recognized as a region that strives to support efforts to improve the business sector by promoting, enhancing, and growing economic development for the benefit of the economic environment and quality of life in the Northland region.


The Northland is a vibrant, diverse, involved collection of communities that works to provide affordable housing in safe communities that attracts engaged and informed citizens.  It is a growing region that strives to provide quality indoor and outdoor recreation, arts, theatre, faith-based activities, retail venues and other attractions that make it a destination for tourists and residents alike.  The values of the Northland region and its acceptance of and service to all, ensure a stable community.
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